Mini Questions & Answers

Who is Kawanmu?

Kawanmu is a community-oriented organization that focuses on building a smart community that works together and grows together. We started this initiative by introducing our Kawanmu IR Thermal Scanner Series that works to safeguard our community.

How is my personal data and privacy protected when I use Kawanmu’s facial recognition software?

Kawanmu only collects facial key points in order to enable accurate facial scanning, so we do not capture or store full faces or images. All data collected is also encrypted and stored in our cloud that is only accessible to select personnel with access to the cloud. Therefore, you can be assured that your personal data and privacy is safely protected.

We are collecting personal information. Is this legal?

We adhere strictly to PDPA regulation and we obtain consent before submitting any information. If you choose not to provide consent, your information will not be submitted to our system.

How safe is Kawanmu Cloud?

Kawanmu Cloud is extremely secure as all data is encrypted and can only be accessed using a dedicated login. Only one master admin is generated to the customer and no other parties, including Kawanmu, can access customer data.

Can Kawanmu cater to visitors on a wheelchair?

Kawanmu has a model for our Kawanmu IR Thermal Scanner Series that adjusts the thermal scanner to cater towards visitors on wheelchairs.

What requirements are there for installation?

13A Power and Wifi.

How can data be obtained from the Cloud?

Data can be extracted in a CSV format.

What OS does Mini II run in?

Mini III runs on Windows.

What will happen to Mini II after the pandemic?

Mini II is equipped with a future-proof design and can be customized as follows:
○ Integrate with HR Software
○ Check-in with face recognition
○ Be able to upgrade to a payment system (screen is a touch-screen panel)
and much more!

The Price tag for Mini II is slightly expensive? Why?

○ Price includes project management
○ FREE Delivery and installation (For Peninsular Malaysia)
○ If you face any issues, we will provide personal, one-to-one assistance to you.
○ Coverage time – 4 hours (For Peninsular Malaysia)

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