Kawanmu Mini II

Future Proof Design

Smart Cloud Queueing Management System

  • Generate QR Code as sequence numbers and able to scan to get the latest queueing number
  • Suitable for F&B and Banking Industry

Smart Cloud Visitor Management System

  • Facial recognition software / QR Code registration
  • Suitable to use as premise entrance

Smart Customer Feedback System

  • Collect customer feedback after store/restaurant experience for future improvement

Smart Cloud Human Resources Management

  • Employee management system
  • Clock-in and out time with temperature scanning
  • All data is encrypted and stored in the cloud

Smart Ordering System

  • A digital interactive menu
  • QR Code scanner can be repurposed to the payment system
  • Suitable for F&B industry

Smart Way Finder Solutions

  • As directory/way-finding inside a building
  • Suitable for premises for office, shopping mall, hospital and etc

Smart AI Concierge System

  • Built-in AI chat bot to reduce human face to face communication
  • Suitable for premises with reception or concierge like office, shopping mall, hospital and etc

Future Proof Design & Features

  • V-Series Passport & ID Document Scanner
  • MyKad Morpho Smart Card Reader
  • V-Series Contactless Payment Terminal support Mifare, Visa, Master & all Debit Cards
  • ISO Full Size / Half Size Smart Card Dispenser with Read Write Feature
  • 2” Industrial Thermal Printer
  • Industrial Metal Keyboard
  • Notes & Coins Acceptor, Notes & Coins Dispenser
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Industrial Public Headset with Hook

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